PETALING JAYA: Gas Malaysia Bhd, which posted a 72.2% jump in net profit to RM107.3mil in the second quarter ended June 30, will continue to take prudent measures to remain competitive.




In a Bursa Malaysia filing, it said its revenue in the second quarter rose 29.2% to RM1.77bil from RM1.36bil a year ago.

Its earnings per share (EPS) rose to 8.36 sen versus 4.86 sen a year earlier. It has declared a first interim dividend of 5.9 sen per share, amounting to RM75.76mil.

In the first six months to June 30, it posted a net profit of RM198.66mil, or EPS of 15.47 sen, up 68.4% from RM117.9mil, or 9.19 sen EPS. Revenue rose 40.9% to RM3.56bil against RM2.53bil previously.

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